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My description is:

I'm a girl and that's my strength. I can be as gentle as the first spring flower, and steadfast as an oak tree in a storm. I am a girl and this is my pride. I am not afraid of tears because they testify to my ability to feel, sympathize and love. I'm a girl and this is my wisdom. I learn from mistakes and grow through obstacles. I am a girl and this is my beauty. Not only the one that is visible with the eyes, but also the one that comes from within. The beauty of my thoughts, my actions, my heart.



I like:

What I love most is finding beauty in the ordinary. It could be morning coffee, whose fragrant cloud wakes me up better than any alarm clock, or the soft light of sunset playing in the hair. I like to listen to music that touches the most secret corners of the soul with the echoes of its melodies. I like the laughter of friends, and silence that speaks more than a thousand words.

I don't like:

I don’t like it when the days merge into a monotonous gray stream, and each new day seems like a copy of the previous one. I also don’t like the rush, when in the race for success we miss fleeting moments of happiness. I don’t like indifference, when we stop noticing each other, when the problems of others seem alien to us, and when sympathy gives way to indifference.

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